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Turning Physical Activity Into A Game [Ep.55]

David Brothers (28) talks about his approach to exercise following a severe cycling accident and also his practical methods towards self-motivation & improving his performance.

Overcoming Your Own Laziness (And Doing Triathlons) [Ep.53]

My cousin Leia Casey (29) talks about how she ran a half marathon, a 10k and a triathlon while locked in an ETERNAL STRUGGLE with her lethargic impulses.

Personal Evolution After 2 Torn Achilles [Ep.50]

Ricky Lawson II (age 31) talks about his journey in Capoeira and how he dealt with having torn each achilles tendon at separate times.

Why Consistency Brings Success [Ep.48]

Aleks Salkin (26) is a kettlebell trainer certified under Pavel Tsatsouline’s RKC program. He shares his methods towards improving his strength & health.

Guest Interview Compilation II [Ep.46]

Excerpts from the last 10 interviews.

Open Call for Interviews on Move Damn You [Ep.45]

Wanna be on the show? Know anybody who should? Here’s how! Oh snap!

How To Have An Amazing Body At 58 [Ep.44]

Gay Storm Oakes details her motivation & experience on being a knockout. She also gives the best answer of all time to the last question of the interview.

Get Off Your Ass & Get On The Wall [Ep.42]

Rachael Light (24) loves climbing. Why the heck does she love it so much? Guess you better watch this. Oh snap.

Fight Training w/ Half of a Left Foot [Ep.40]

Karim Phelps (30) nearly lost his left foot when he was hit by a car. Despite the doctors telling him he’d never again walk unassisted, he taught himself to do just that so he could continue training & grappling at a high level.

EDIT: Episode was removed on request, which sucks because it was a damn good episode. SIGH.

Exercising To Manage ADD/ADHD [Ep.36]

William Batson (30) uses exercise to improve his control over attention deficit disorder, giving him the discipline & routine necessary to function successfully while facing obstacles in daily life.