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The 2013 Goal Tracker – February [Ep.64]

14 people, 14 updates, hilarity ensues.

Goal Tracker 2013: HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER [Ep.62]

And before I knew it, I had twice as many people to keep track of this year. DAMNED EXCITING.

Where Are They Now? Running Marathons, Apparently [Ep.54]

The winner of our 1 Year Anniversary Contest, plus some news regarding past guests running all over the place and doing amazing things. And an editorial about music at weddings.

1st Year Anniversary Contest [Ep.52]

I forgot my own show’s anniversary. So here’s a contest. Also I explain the show’s origin, then a wild Gene appears.

Get Out There And Dance, Ghost Monkey! [Ep.39]

Larry provides low-cost options for anyone looking into trying dance classes for the first time, also Gene clears up the definition of a Ghost Monkey.

Move Damn You Gag & Outtake Reel 3 [Ep.38]

Random bits of absurdity and hilariousness from episodes 25-37.

Don’t Get In Your Own Way [Ep.37]

Gene talks about being in a deep rut and how he pulled himself out of it.

Gene Sings Bonnie Tyler – Move Damn You Gaiden

If you can make it through this entire video you probably deserve some kind of trophy. You’ve been warned.

Larry Sings Bill Withers – Move Damn You Gaiden

This happened on an impulse. Also I’m standing in front of all the light sources because I’m an idiot.

Move Damn You Gag & Outtake Reel 2 [Ep.25]

Random bits of absurdity and hilariousness from episodes 13-24.