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Staying Consistently Active At 58 [Ep.16]

Sarah Leong (Age 58, Engineer & Hula Dancer) shares her benefits of living a consistently active life

Dips At Home (Bodyweight +150 lbs) [Ep.13]

Extra interview footage of Lee Proctor talking about Beginners/Gym Bros/Survival Skills, and Larry shows an affordable solution to doing Dips at Home.

Powerlifting At 51 & Training Every Day [Ep.11]

Lee Proctor (Age 51, Martial Artist & Powerlifter) shares his dedication & motivation to maintaining a high quality of life. He’s kind of ridiculously strong.

Pull-Up Progression Bodyweight + 150 lbs [Ep.6]

Sam shows the Twisting Leg Raise, Ricardo rants at those who take their health for granted, and Larry explains his home process for increasing pull-up weight to 150 lbs.