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Back Walkovers, How Do They Work? [Ep.56]

Walking over from a bridge, going down to a bridge from standing, mashing the two together, it’s CRAZY.

Learning A Backflip In 7 Steps [Ep.49]

How to teach yourself a backflip from only knowing how to do a cartwheel. And along the way learning a macaco and a back handspring. Also how to improve the height on a standing backflip once you have it.

Advice for Self-Teaching Acrobatics & Tricks [Ep.47]

Larry talks about two simple but often overlooked things that will greatly improve your acrobatic training. Also a funny story about learning a butterfly twist.

Handstand Push-Ups & Full Range of Motion [Ep.41]

Larry explains how exactly to do a handstand push-up, plus at-home solutions for getting full range of motion. It’s hot stuff, this range of motion thing.

How To Make A Puppet (or Improvise One)

If you’re trying to make a puppet from scratch, this may give you some ideas. Especially if you suck hard at sewing, like myself.

One-Arm Pull-Up and Chin-Up Tutorial

Ever wanted to achieve a pinnacle of ridiculous bodyweight exercises? Do you like belonging to an upper echelon of ridiculousness but just haven’t become THAT ridiculous? WELL YOU CAN! TODAY! Well not today but in a few months if you work at it a lot.

Note: The first video that started it all (eh, not really). Slapped together in Windows Movie Maker. I have LONG since stopped checking comments on this video because anonymous comments are a pestilence. Trying to start fights with me over a pull-up tutorial? On the INTERNET? Get outta here son, reality is outside.