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Guest Interview Compilation III [Ep.77]

Excerpts from the past 10 interviews. Whee haw.

Checking Your Ambition & Setting A Good Example [Ep.75]

Jamal Klug (28) discusses how the potential of his hereditary hugeness has shaped his fitness goals.

A Tribute To Emily Mayne [Ep.73]

A dancer and teacher, too blunt and hilarious for this life. I only knew her for six years but she had a profound influence on me. She also always supported the show and everything I wanted to do.

Why Counting Calories Works [Ep.71]

Brandon Fisher (32) explains the how & why of counting calories, why the body plateaus, and the importance of staying active as a father.

Deciding How Old You Want Yourself To Be [Ep. 68]

Jenny Quezada Ghiglia (59) has taught dance & fitness at Pierce College for 35 years and had two daughters and three knee surgeries over that time. Needless to say she has a lot of experience to share regarding her longevity.

Mud Runs: From Spartan Sprint to Super Spartan [Ep.66]

April & Julio share their prep, experience & recovery in going from a 3 mile obstacle course to an 8 mile course. In cold, unforgiving mud.

10 Years of Los Luchas: Hard Work & Tradition [Ep.63]

Zokre & Phoenix Star are the tag team Los Luchas and have celebrated ten years together as pro wrestlers. They share some surprising differences and unsurprising similarities in their training, diets, advice and more.

Lessons On Life-Affirmation [Ep.61]

Delphine French has more afflictions than most people can remember (Lupus, Arthritis, Gastroenteritis, etc.) but that has not stopped her from being a positive force.

Why A “Non-Runner” Ran Nine Marathons [Ep.60]

Swing dancing, pro wrestling, weightlifting, jumping over flaming obstacles, climbing Half Dome twice in a day. Julio Alanya (32) is one of those guys you’d never know these things about unless you ask.

Just Straight Up TIRED Of Being Fat [Ep.58]

April Tapia (28), mother of two, describes finding her motivation to lose weight & feel comfortable in her own skin after a decade of being heavy.