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A Tribute To Emily Mayne [Ep.73]

A dancer and teacher, too blunt and hilarious for this life. I only knew her for six years but she had a profound influence on me. She also always supported the show and everything I wanted to do.

Deciding How Old You Want Yourself To Be [Ep. 68]

Jenny Quezada Ghiglia (59) has taught dance & fitness at Pierce College for 35 years and had two daughters and three knee surgeries over that time. Needless to say she has a lot of experience to share regarding her longevity.

Why A “Non-Runner” Ran Nine Marathons [Ep.60]

Swing dancing, pro wrestling, weightlifting, jumping over flaming obstacles, climbing Half Dome twice in a day. Julio Alanya (32) is one of those guys you’d never know these things about unless you ask.

Just Straight Up TIRED Of Being Fat [Ep.58]

April Tapia (28), mother of two, describes finding her motivation to lose weight & feel comfortable in her own skin after a decade of being heavy.

To Teach Like YOU MEAN IT [Ep.57]

Had a profound insight while watching one choreographer work during my last dance show. Most can teach, not all can inspire.

Get Off Your Ass & Get On The Wall [Ep.42]

Rachael Light (24) loves climbing. Why the heck does she love it so much? Guess you better watch this. Oh snap.

Get Out There And Dance, Ghost Monkey! [Ep.39]

Larry provides low-cost options for anyone looking into trying dance classes for the first time, also Gene clears up the definition of a Ghost Monkey.

First Time Running A Full Marathon [Ep.32]

Jacqueline Beaulieu has been running for most of her life but suffered a serious setback from a car accident. She spent over 3 years rehabilitating and decided to tackle her first full marathon in 2012.

Why Every Day Is Amazing [Ep.30]

It had to happen sooner or later.

Staying Consistently Active At 58 [Ep.16]

Sarah Leong (Age 58, Engineer & Hula Dancer) shares her benefits of living a consistently active life