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An End Of The World Contest!

So you can have a strong ass grip while fighting zombies in the wasteland or whatever.

Ermagherd the suspense

Where Are They Now? Running Marathons, Apparently [Ep.54]

The winner of our 1 Year Anniversary Contest, plus some news regarding past guests running all over the place and doing amazing things. And an editorial about music at weddings.

1st Year Anniversary Contest [Ep.52]

I forgot my own show’s anniversary. So here’s a contest. Also I explain the show’s origin, then a wild Gene appears.

Move Damn You Gag & Outtake Reel 4 [Ep.51]

Random bits of absurdity and hilariousness from episodes 39-50.

Don’t Get In Your Own Way [Ep.37]

Gene talks about being in a deep rut and how he pulled himself out of it.

Turkish Get Up, Get On Up [Ep.35]

Contest winner from Ep 33, the mystical allure of Turkish Get Ups, and Sam does some ab related hooey.

Suggestion Box/Win A Jump Rope [Ep.33]

Serious business.

Working Out At Home: Easy Reminders [Ep.29]

An easy method to remind yourself to exercise more frequently, also Karuna lists ideas on how to keep your routine fresh and leafy. Or delicious. Something.

Pull-Up Variations for Clinch and Grip Strength [Ep.22]

Our Episode 19 Haiku Contest Winner, Pull-Up Variations for a standard bar, and explaining Sam’s Accent.

How To Save Time While Working Out [Ep.19]

A new contest, Sam shows Hanging Leg Raises, and how to work out more in less time with Interval Training methods.