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Tumbling & Tricking compilations 2005-09

Chimp Capoeira archival video

Video compilations from my Capoeira website that ran from 1998-2003, featuring the students of Capoeira Mandinga in Berkeley, CA.

Why Getting Older Isn’t So Bad [Ep.69]

With the most important moral (OF ALL TIME) at the end.

Back Walkovers, How Do They Work? [Ep.56]

Walking over from a bridge, going down to a bridge from standing, mashing the two together, it’s CRAZY.

Personal Evolution After 2 Torn Achilles [Ep.50]

Ricky Lawson II (age 31) talks about his journey in Capoeira and how he dealt with having torn each achilles tendon at separate times.


Learning A Backflip In 7 Steps [Ep.49]

How to teach yourself a backflip from only knowing how to do a cartwheel. And along the way learning a macaco and a back handspring. Also how to improve the height on a standing backflip once you have it.

Advice for Self-Teaching Acrobatics & Tricks [Ep.47]

Larry talks about two simple but often overlooked things that will greatly improve your acrobatic training. Also a funny story about learning a butterfly twist.

Why Every Day Is Amazing [Ep.30]

It had to happen sooner or later.

Working Out 7 Days a Week [Ep.20]

Thourn Heng (Age 30, Tae Kwon Do/Boxing/Gymnastics Coach and Math Teacher) works out so much that it makes you tired just to hear about it.

Staying Forever Young [Ep.9]

Pablo Porras (Age 32, B-Boy & Martial Artist) talks about his daily martial arts training and why he continues to train so much. Also Sam and Larry do V-Ups for the hell of it.