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10 Years of Los Luchas: Hard Work & Tradition [Ep.63]

Zokre & Phoenix Star are the tag team Los Luchas and have celebrated ten years together as pro wrestlers. They share some surprising differences and unsurprising similarities in their training, diets, advice and more.


Lessons On Life-Affirmation [Ep.61]

Delphine French has more afflictions than most people can remember (Lupus, Arthritis, Gastroenteritis, etc.) but that has not stopped her from being a positive force.


Fight Training w/ Half of a Left Foot [Ep.40]

Karim Phelps (30) nearly lost his left foot when he was hit by a car. Despite the doctors telling him he’d never again walk unassisted, he taught himself to do just that so he could continue training & grappling at a high level.

EDIT: Episode was removed on request, which sucks because it was a damn good episode. SIGH.

Beating Bone Cancer at 30 [Ep.28]

Jason Gruspe was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 2008 and has undergone six surgeries and 22 months of chemo (and counting). However, that has not stopped him from working out every day and playing sports on the weekends.