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Goal Tracker 2013 – May [Ep.74]

May was just chock full of circumstances and we’re not even half done with the year. Funny how nothing ever works out exactly how you’d like it to.

Goal Tracker 2013 – April [Ep.70]

Sometimes I think that somebody is crazy and then I remember they’ve been that way the whole time. Life is funny.

Goal Tracker 2013 – March [Ep.67]

The next THRILLING installment of 14 people hacking away at fitness goals of all kinds! There’s jokes! Ye gods!

The 2013 Goal Tracker – February [Ep.64]

14 people, 14 updates, hilarity ensues.

Goal Tracker 2013: HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER [Ep.62]

And before I knew it, I had twice as many people to keep track of this year. DAMNED EXCITING.

Guest Interview Compilation II [Ep.46]

Excerpts from the last 10 interviews.

Atlanta vs Los Angeles: The 21 Classic 2012 – Move Damn You Gaiden

David Brothers’ open challenge to William Batson, the game, and the post-game analysis.

Move Damn You Gag & Outtake Reel 3 [Ep.38]

Random bits of absurdity and hilariousness from episodes 25-37.

Exercising To Manage ADD/ADHD [Ep.36]

William Batson (30) uses exercise to improve his control over attention deficit disorder, giving him the discipline & routine necessary to function successfully while facing obstacles in daily life.