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Goal Tracker 2013 – September & October [Ep.87]

That’s right, finishing what we started!

Why Counting Calories Works [Ep.71]

Brandon Fisher (32) explains the how & why of counting calories, why the body plateaus, and the importance of staying active as a father.

10 Years of Los Luchas: Hard Work & Tradition [Ep.63]

Zokre & Phoenix Star are the tag team Los Luchas and have celebrated ten years together as pro wrestlers. They share some surprising differences and unsurprising similarities in their training, diets, advice and more.


Why A “Non-Runner” Ran Nine Marathons [Ep.60]

Swing dancing, pro wrestling, weightlifting, jumping over flaming obstacles, climbing Half Dome twice in a day. Julio Alanya (32) is one of those guys you’d never know these things about unless you ask.

Where Are They Now? Running Marathons, Apparently [Ep.54]

The winner of our 1 Year Anniversary Contest, plus some news regarding past guests running all over the place and doing amazing things. And an editorial about music at weddings.

Handstand Push-Ups & Full Range of Motion [Ep.41]

Larry explains how exactly to do a handstand push-up, plus at-home solutions for getting full range of motion. It’s hot stuff, this range of motion thing.

Exercising To Manage ADD/ADHD [Ep.36]

William Batson (30) uses exercise to improve his control over attention deficit disorder, giving him the discipline & routine necessary to function successfully while facing obstacles in daily life.

Turkish Get Up, Get On Up [Ep.35]

Contest winner from Ep 33, the mystical allure of Turkish Get Ups, and Sam does some ab related hooey.

Why Every Day Is Amazing [Ep.30]

It had to happen sooner or later.

Running 100-Mile Races with Rheumatoid Arthritis [Ep.26]

Summer Wesson was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis as a child and was told she would never be able to run, lift, or do much of physical anything. She decided to kick that systemic autoimmune disease in its stupid face and became an ultramarathon runner. She’s run and completed two 100-mile marathons to date and shows no signs of slowing down.