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Move Damn You Gag & Outtake Reel 3 [Ep.38]

Random bits of absurdity and hilariousness from episodes 25-37.

Gene Sings Bonnie Tyler – Move Damn You Gaiden


If you can make it through this entire video you probably deserve some kind of trophy. You’ve been warned.

Larry Sings Bill Withers – Move Damn You Gaiden


This happened on an impulse. Also I’m standing in front of all the light sources because I’m an idiot.

For the Love of Running [Ep.34]

Brian Collett (27) went from running cross-country and track to specializing in 5k and 10k events with the occasional half and full marathon thrown in. He ran 48 races in 2011, winning 24 of them.

Working Out At Home: Easy Reminders [Ep.29]

An easy method to remind yourself to exercise more frequently, also Karuna lists ideas on how to keep your routine fresh and leafy. Or delicious. Something.

Guest Interview Compilation I [Ep.21]

Excerpts from the first 10 interviews.

Making Changes to Boring or Ineffective Routines [Ep.17]

Sam shows Inverted V-Ups, Karuna talks about recognizing when to Make A Change to your routine, and Larry lists options to improve conventionally Boring Cardio.

Move Damn You Gag & Outtake Reel 1 [Ep.12]

Random bits of absurdity and hilariousness from episodes 1-11.

Addiction & Routines, Fasting & Cleanses [Ep.10]

Ricardo rants on the nature of Addictions, Karuna discusses various means of Fasting & Cleanses

Be Careful With New Workout Advice [Ep.8]

Larry introduces Sam to the wonders of the Ab Wheel, also Larry rants on the importance of being critical when applying new workout advice.