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Why Every Day Is Amazing [Ep.30]

It had to happen sooner or later.

Beating Bone Cancer at 30 [Ep.28]

Jason Gruspe was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 2008 and has undergone six surgeries and 22 months of chemo (and counting). However, that has not stopped him from working out every day and playing sports on the weekends.

Working Out 7 Days a Week [Ep.20]

Thourn Heng (Age 30, Tae Kwon Do/Boxing/Gymnastics Coach and Math Teacher) works out so much that it makes you tired just to hear about it.

Powerlifting At 51 & Training Every Day [Ep.11]

Lee Proctor (Age 51, Martial Artist & Powerlifter) shares his dedication & motivation to maintaining a high quality of life. He’s kind of ridiculously strong.

Addiction & Routines, Fasting & Cleanses [Ep.10]

Ricardo rants on the nature of Addictions, Karuna discusses various means of Fasting & Cleanses

Staying Forever Young [Ep.9]

Pablo Porras (Age 32, B-Boy & Martial Artist) talks about his daily martial arts training and why he continues to train so much. Also Sam and Larry do V-Ups for the hell of it.

Working Out Up To 6 Hours A Day [Ep.1]

Sam Samuels (Age 33, Chef & Martial Artist), talks about his experience and approach towards martial arts training