A Tribute To Emily Mayne [Ep.73]

A dancer and teacher, too blunt and hilarious for this life. I only knew her for six years but she had a profound influence on me. She also always supported the show and everything I wanted to do.

1 thought on “A Tribute To Emily Mayne [Ep.73]

  1. Beth Ann LaBarba

    Friend of Emily Mayne. Thank you so much for the tribute. I have watched it several times. I thought you might be interested in this. Do you know Paradox Pollack? La actor dancer artist etc. (movies) He is working on the movie The Fifth Sacred Thing. A movie being made with StarHawk. Here is a workout group that he is offering. I thought you would be perfect. He works with friends here in SF bay area too.
    Alien Fight Club : The Subtle and the Epic, The practical and the spectacular
    Today at 7:00pm
    Live Culture Studio 1519 essex Street

    Thank you again for loving Emily, and sharing with us all. Beth Ann

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