Welcome to the archive!

MDY was a weekly fitness show that ran from 2011-2013. The reasons for its current hiatus:

  1. In the beginning I decided to do weekly shows for as long as I could hack it and ultimately there was nothing else to do or say that wasn’t done to death. Good fitness advice is always the same proven ideas.
  2. For months I had several people lined up for interviews who never made time to meet despite how flexible I made the arrangements.
  3. I had hundreds of subscribers and only a few dozen viewers with each new episode which meant most of those subs were likely bots.

Despite all that it was clearly a fun time as an experiment. Met a lot of great people, had some big laughs, learned some inspiring things. Also it’s not like I’m ever stopping with fitness so I might throw up a new video now and again. I make the occasional post on Instagram.