Tracking my fits

Larry graciously set up a section for us to post in for Goal Tracker 2013. Since he went through the work of setting it up, I figured I might as well make use of it.

I’ve battled with my weight my entire life. I’ve been decently fit all along, somehow I’ve avoided all the stereotypical issues that comes with being terribly overweight, but the extra pounds are hard on my body and joints. Despite that, I’ve been happily married for years, and really just kind of let everything go a few years back.

Then around the start of the year, I was going through photos on Facebook, and saw a shot my friend took at his wife’s baby shower.

One of the starter decisions


…yeah, that was me around this time last year. A whole gamut of feelings came about, but the biggest one was disappointment. I was appalled I let myself fall so far, and I knew this year had to bring about serious change, or all those health problems I avoided would decide to take hold before I knew it. I’ve been challenged by our mighy site owner before with the 100 pushup challenge I think in…2010, 2011 maybe? I did reach that goal of doing 100 pushups a day after about 4 months, but I fell off that wagon hard and am working my way back up. Larry has known me long enough to know that putting a challenge towards me engages a mighty level of stubbornness and a refusal to fail. So shortly after the new year, I started hitting the gym at my office about 2 times a week. Since then I’ve increased it to 4 times a week and in longer sessions. I think I’ve reached the limitation of the machines offered there and will be joining a proper gym where my wife and a friend work out, and be joining them so we can inspire each other. I am also doing a bit of a video blog of my own, found here

At Larry’s suggestion, I will be converting the pull up video to black and white and transposing a plastic bag floating through the screen before submitting it to Sundance.