Weight loss and body changes.


As I continue on the weight loss train and goal tracker, I’m starting to see the changes in my body. In the picture below is me from 2011 on the right, and me about a week ago on the left. Now when I started this journey near the start of the year, I’m pretty sure I was still at the 2011 size if not a bit bigger. While I still have a long ways to go, the size differences are notable. At first I only noticed the arm, mostly because my weight loss has actually shifted my tattoo. The text is wrapping around my arm more, but it skewed the lantern symbol and circle. While a mild annoyance, I’ve high hopes it’ll balance out as more muscle builds up. Worst case, I get a cover up to patch it up.


After I made the side by side image though, I can see the other changes. I stand straighter, I don’t take up as much space front to back. It’s pretty neat.

The strange thing about all this is as my body shrinks, my weightloss has slowed down. However, I’m not taking that as a deterrent, instead I’m just shifting my fitness goal for the year, and truthfully the rest of my life. I will just continue this exchange of fat for muscle, and not worry about the scale so much. I know eventually the weight will drop, but so long as I keep losing the flab, who cares about a number so much? My annual checkup confirmed I am still very healthy. Also, a friend of mine posted up this photo of six ladies, all the same weight. Yet look at the body differences. Folks carry weight differently.


Both my wife and I would watch shows like the Biggest Loser, see a dude that looks like he could go toe to toe with King Ghidora. Yet he’d get on the scale and be about 80lbs lighter than me. The human body is wacky and wild like that. What I used to upset me and get my mood down, I’ve finally learned to let go and realize, we’re all different and it’s cool.