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MDY Gaiden – 12 Hours of Rock Band Days 1 & 2

This is most likely going to be an ongoing thing. Also for those of you new to the Gaiden videos, it’s basically goofy stuff or other loosely-related things that wouldn’t quite make a regular Move Damn You episode.

When three Asian dorks and their powers combine. Highlights from 5/27/13.

Gene once again mangles the song of his people (Total Eclipse of the Heart) while Dan and Larry laugh for a full minute. Highlights from 6/15/13.

Goal Tracker 2013 – May [Ep.74]

May was just chock full of circumstances and we’re not even half done with the year. Funny how nothing ever works out exactly how you’d like it to.

Welcome to the archive!

MDY was a weekly fitness show that ran from 2011-2013. The reasons for its current hiatus:

  1. In the beginning I decided to do weekly shows for as long as I could hack it and ultimately there was nothing else to do or say that wasn’t done to death. Good fitness advice is always the same proven ideas.
  2. For months I had several people lined up for interviews who never made time to meet despite how flexible I made the arrangements.
  3. I had hundreds of subscribers and only a few dozen viewers with each new episode which meant most of those subs were likely bots.

Despite all that it was clearly a fun time as an experiment. Met a lot of great people, had some big laughs, learned some inspiring things. Also it’s not like I’m ever stopping with fitness so I might throw up a new video now and again. I make the occasional post onĀ Instagram.

Deciding How Old You Want Yourself To Be [Ep. 68]

Jenny Quezada Ghiglia (59) has taught dance & fitness at Pierce College for 35 years and had two daughters and three knee surgeries over that time. Needless to say she has a lot of experience to share regarding her longevity.